Valdis Mezdreis

Valdis is (now) a 49 year old Australian. Having spent the bulk of his life meekly following the western world’s predestined rat race life he has recognised its emptiness and is seeking to find a way to live without accepting the servitude imposed on most of us.

Call it the red pill effect. Being fortunate enough to have the benefit of a good education and having sufficient freedom to rail against the system, he has sold up and gone travelling on two separate occasions. The first ended in the pursuit of happiness via a woman that ultimately ended up not being right for him. This time he is more experienced and committed to finding a way to exist simply without the unnecessary burden of a modern Western life – no mortgage no kids no commitments other than himself. A huge believer in the “good luck bad luck who knows?” parable he is open to experience, passionate about simplicity and I am australian, genuine happiness  and the belief that each individual has his or her own truth to both discover and share. Despite having a massive tendency to soapbox, he is passionate about debating and discussing principles and ethics.

A deliberate anti theist in the Christopher Hitchens school he embodies the questing existentialist  nature in all of us. Why are we here? What should we do? What is really important? He suspects it lies in connection, in understanding others lives, in finding peace and simplicity and contentment in ways not linked to material goods. His challenge is to prove or discover that to be true. Currently on a “fuck it, I don’t want to be part of the machine” tour of the world that he hopes will extend to a life outside the system but worries that it is just a running away mechanism, he is searching for the ultimate human need – a place to belong and a purpose to bring him satisfaction and contentment. After all – if you are happy you win. Here’s to discovering a bunch of winners and learning from them.