Top 10 most memorable travellers that we all meet

Having been travelling for 20 years – being an expat for 15 and a travel agent for eight – I have pretty much met every breed of traveller known to man. Some of these are wonderful human beings, others less so – but they all add to that great travel experience, and leave some sort of impression.

Here is my personal top 10, which in no way reflects the opinion of anyone but myself and is meant to be firmly tongue in cheek!

The burning question is, which one are you?

10. Wastaman
9. The Cheque Splitter
8. The Dodgy Dealer
7. The How-did-you-ever-leave-your-house-let-alone-the-country
6. Spongebob Shithispants
5. Crazy Cookie Chick
4. The Budget Traveller
3. The Topper
2. The I'm So Fascinated by Asian Culture
1. The Guardian Angel
10. Wastaman - Wastaman is, basically, a white man with dreadlocks. As Will from The Inbetweeners memorably said: “its not counter cultural; it screams of 'I've got a trust fund'”. Art indeed imitating life. Wastaman tends to be from the Home Counties of England, is rebelling against his family (Daddy is often a high-ranking policeman) and likes to think of himself as being “spiritual”. Wastaman is often heard saying things like: “People are people, man”. he is least likely to be heard saying: “Who fancies a beer? It's my round”. Do not employ Wastaman.