The Airports

Welcome to the Travel Star airport guide. We have rated all aiports that we have personally been to under our own very strict, and to us extremely important criteria. Whilst our criteria might not be for everyone, if you like to eat, drink, smoke and have fun when you fly, our list is THE list.

We do not review any airport we have not been to, and all reviews are honest and unbiased.

Drinking – Nice and simple, can you drink in the airport (dry airports get a zero), are the bars fun, and does purchasing a beer require the GDP of a small African nation? This is is how we score.

Smoking – Whilst we smokers are a dying breed (excuse the pun), we not only still exist but god damn it we are consumers! There is nothing worse for a smoker than being delayed in an airport without facilities, so we rate the facilities here, with zero being nothing, and 5 being lots of choice in bars for example.

Food – One of the biggest hit and miss things you can get in airports (China anyone), with again zero denoting no food, and 5 being the veritable smorgersboard of local and international cuisine at reasonable prices.

Wi-Fi – Again a fairly simple one to define with zero being no wi-fi (yes they still exist), a 1 being poor/hard to get, or paid for, and 5 being free and up to streaming quality.

Entertainment – Probably our hardest one to completely define, but essentially how fun is the airport in question, some are pretty much like hell, with others being wonderful places to hang out, this is our score for the overall feel that place gives