The Airlines

Welcome to the Travel Star Airline guide. We’ve all been on airlines that we either loved, or hated, so this is our take on every airline we ever fly scored under our 5 carefully selected criteria.

All airlines reviewed have been flown on by one of the town, and all reviews are heartfelt and honest. We judge each airline relevant to its class, so if it is a budget, or higher end airline we judge it buy its relevant to what it is trying to provide (so a budget airline could score higher than a top end for example.

Price – Nice and simple, are the prices good value, easy to find and generally honest about whats included.

Reliability/Flexibility – A hard one to gauge as it is often luck, but some airlines do seem to constantly screw a lot of things up. Your bag is .01 ounces over and they charge you….You know the kind of airport assholes that are out there.

The food – Airline food is hit and miss at the best of times, but the odd time you can get a gem, and some airlines do seem to put in much more effort than others. Here we judge.

The totty – OK so this is the extremely frivolous and sexist part of the review process, how pretty are the airline staff? Is this necessary? Perhaps not, but it does make a journey go quicker, and it is hard to think of 5 interesting criteria to judge an airline on.

Top Tips – Our overall review of our rankings with any top tips we can think of thrown in for decent measure.